When you begin your journey with Studio Truth we do whatever it takes to make your art the best it can be, regardless of how many sessions it takes. This means no anxiety watching the clock, so you are free to explore ideas and sounds.

All packages give you unlimited access to session bookings, PR advice and mixing for your desired release.

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SINGLE $1,249

From pre-production to the final mix. Just select your desired producer, pick a time and start recording! 


EP $4,999

Give people something to listen to!
A 5 track EP is the perfect way to show range and convey a story.


ALBUM from $7,499

Ready to make your masterpiece?
Work with our experienced engineers to create the album of your dreams.


Perhaps a package deal isn't for you?

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For certain projects such as voice-overs or overdubs, an hourly rate is the best choice.
Minimum booking 2 hours, book now!

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MIXING from $299

Want your recording to sound the best that it can? Book now to find the right engineer for your project!



Mastering gives your music that professional polish and punch!
Book now and upload your files in minutes!

Want to know more about what sets us apart?
Come in for a free consultation with one of our engineers!