Studio Truth is a modern, high-end recording studio, designed around the creative process.

Offering services in engineering, production, and consultancy.


Recording, mixing, mastering.

With our high-ceiling live room and treated vocal booth, we can take care of your next single, EP, or album - from start to finish.


Writing, arranging, making beats.

With years of experience, we can make sure your message is communicated in the most effective way, and help you work through your writer's block.


You've got a killer record, now what?

Let us help you figure out a release strategy for your next record or plan out your next social media campaign.

Modern production to suit the needs of a modern artist.

The first time you hit 'play' and the sound hits you, is when you know.

You feel the emotion, you feel the vibe, and you know that this is your new favourite track.

This is the standard we aim for.

From hard-rock to hip-hop, lo-fi to pop-polished, a wall of sound or intimate and small.

We shape sound to suit your vision.

Find out if we are right for you!