There are other studios that charge less why is your service worth more?

We offer a product that will stand out amongst the crowd, with us you can achieve a record that will compare to your favourite albums and we believe that If you have spent hundreds of hours writing, practicing and perfecting your songs then it must be important to you to have your art represented as well as possible and a solid production will ensure it sounds both musical and professional.

Unlimited studio time? Really?

Yes! our production packages include unlimited studio time at the discretion of your engineer, Our engineers know how and where to best spend time on a record and we trust that they will use your time and theirs to the best of their ability.
Our philosophy behind this is simple, we have seen over the years what "watching the clock" does to musicians and producers alike, creativity is inhibited, moods can turn sour, and productivity can stop or worse, start moving in the wrong direction! We feel that hourly based work in the studio is an out dated business model for almost every project, that said there are times when it is more financially prudent to opt for an hourly rate, for example over dubs, or very simple acoustic tracks consisting of 1 or 2 instruments.

What does productional advice entail?

Perfection of an arrangement is key to a great song, this means the choice of instrument or tone, to the lengths of sections such as verses and chorus' etc all play a delicate part in the balance and feel of a song. Our engineers know what works through their many years of experience and this wealth of knowledge is always available to you, if you wish they will suggest things during the entire process.

How long will it take?

A single can be recorded, mixed and mastered in as little as 2 working days if a rush order has been placed, but typically we would expect a single to be completed in 2-4 weeks, an ep 1-2 months and an album 2-3 months but it is hard to provide an accurate estimate as every project is different.


What do I need to bring?

Instruments of a world class standard are provided but you are more than welcome to bring your own. Financially a deposit of at least 50% is required before starting a new project with our engineers, and finally the consumables of the music industry; a fresh set of strings, skins, sticks, picks etc are not mandatory but highly encouraged along with a good attitude, well rested body and open mind.

Can you provide session players?

Absolutely! We commonly use gifted session musicians for things such as Drums and guitar to orchestral instruments. Infarct our very own Tyson Ruth (StudioTruth Brisbane) and Curtis Jay (StudioTruth Melbourne) have featured on many records as session guitarists. Curtis Jay has also featured on a multitude of records as a session drummer.

How often will I be able to hear progress on my mix?

The best way to hear progress of your mix is to either opt for an attended session for the mixing or mastering of your project. But most of our clientele will only hear the first rough mix at the end of completing tracking before hearing the first final and going through to the revision stage.

Can I have stems of my sessions?

Stems of your songs can be purchased at $65 per track. 

What payment options do you offer?

A 50% deposit is required to begin your journey, the remainder can be paid at your leisure. Payments can be made by cash, Bank transfer, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard or American Express. For each bank card transactions a 1.95% transaction fee will be applied and each PayPal transaction a 2.9% fee will be applied. Note that mixes will not be given out until the account has been settled.