Pre production


where it all begins.

Pre production or “pre-pro” is arguably the most important part of any production. Where the producer shapes your song into what you want it to be.

Pre-pro is a relatively simple process of recording a demo of a song then deconstructing it and looking at all of its moving parts to make sure every thing is working the best it can.

The practical elements of “Pre-pro” can range from altering the key or tempo, changing notation or range of certain parts, it can even be as drastic as adding or cutting sections of a song.


Recording Time


Laying it down!

On to recording now or “tracking”. This is where we re-record every part again over the rough demo or “scratch track” we created during pre-pro.

The difference here is that we spend the time making sure the tone and performance is exactly what we are looking for on the record.

Another part of this stage is comping and editing, this is where your engineer takes the best parts of each performance captured and cuts them all together seamlessly to create one flawless sounding performance.




it all comes together

Now all of the parts have been refined and recorded to the highest quality, It sounds great but it still doesn’t sound like a “record” what now?

Mixing is the next and vital step, taking those parts and brings them to life using a plethora of tools such as compression, equalisation, delay and reverb just to name a few.

Knowing which tool to use, when and how to use it can take years of practice and our team of talented engineers have that experience and are fluent in these technologies.



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SINGLE $1249

From pre-production to the final mix. Just select your desired producer, pick a time and start recording! 


EP $4999

Give people something to listen to!
A 5 track EP is the perfect way to show range and convey a story.


ALBUM from $7499

Ready to make your masterpiece?
Work with our experienced engineers to create the album of your dreams.

Whats next?

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For certain projects such as voice-overs or overdubs, an hourly rate is the best choice.
Minimum booking 2 hours, book now!

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Want your recording to sound the best that it can? Book now to find the right engineer for your project!



Mastering gives your music that professional polish and punch!
Book now and upload your files in minutes!


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